www.xprmnt.net –> generationsgame

As long im going on your nerves via twitter in promoting to help building up the http://www.xprmnt.de webpage i should explain on what the experiment is about. The experiment is about the idea to get some mor life inside webpages. To get them more organic more dynamic and more progressive. To make them able to respond in realtime on trendic topics – not via only content – even in its layout.

Its about seeing how cloud – structures could work on one project – and its meant that the free potencial of creativity sitting behind your computer – is the potencial of the cloud. It s not in prior software using in a cloud – its the creativity of the single individuals to get the cloud – forming a swarm – building in common sense. Aesthetic flowing pages rebuilding, resampling, morphing themselves by the network running behind. Its a place to test codes – programms – ideas – and let it compete in an evolutinary enviroment.

We need programmers, webdesigners, artists of all fields, photographers, scientists of all fields and people who like the idea. – so be it

It might show how evolution could work – how common sense is build up and bring the best output the swarm is able to. So its more then a homepage – it is an x-periment – it  is evolutionary and its unlimited except the following…

not allowed is: illegal content – porn – politics – harming somebody elses religion feelings

to join  xprmnt – generationsgame follow my list @KenoNitro/xprmnt on twitter – that shows that you are interested in the project – the list follows you back  – you are in the game. The storm has just begun. ( you dont have to join this List anymore – it is a historical procedure – you can join the game directly under http://www.xprmnt.de )

evolution total – www.xprmnt.net – the web 3.0 approach


70 Gedanken zu “www.xprmnt.net –> generationsgame

  1. working on an algorythm collectivly – while convinced about that humans are to reinvent nature could mean that the collective would reinvent natures alghorythm – the one and only – this could improve nanotechnology.

    that is what the xprmnt is about – competing programms and codes vs in an evolutionary enviroment.

    the atom is the storage device – the code (alghorythm) has still to be found – collectives might find it – proceeding evolutionary.

    just rthnk th @m

  2. i like the idea of the project. it reminds me a little bit of the theories by c.g. jung and also to some parts in system theory. i think it´s interesting to compare different approaches (from all kind of areas) relating to these subjects.

  3. I though it would be a nice idea if people dressed up in black resp. white clothes and take a picture of themselves. maybe people whose surname start with a-m wear a white T-shirt and people whose surname start with n-z wear a black T-shirt. then we could mix the pictures to a kind of chess-board. that would look quite nice, i think. maybe next weekend would be a good time to do that. 🙂

  4. to Fraukes chess – collage if you wanna be part of it – upload your fotos at Fraukes_shop (FB-Name is: Frauke Thielking) on facebook at her wall – when you have any ideas for a chess-quest to be encoded into the collage please comment on her wall too -you have time until sunday evening. – great idea – work it out – reference on her is http://www.frauking.com

  5. @jeelchristine today joint as volunteer – great to have her on board shes a educator and psycologist – its getting scientific – we need more scientist – welcome on board christine 🙂

  6. „especially in net-working-cycles screenshots are extremly up-to-date….“ — no miracle if you ask me! they are SO easy to do! 🙂 — i´m off for a swim!

  7. to the angels 🙂 we are coming close to 10 – that means we start with the build up of the homepage http://www.kn-p.com http://www.kn-p.net http://www.kn-p.de soon. Now its important to find structures – tools – programms that are able to build this homepage in common. Maybe we need to find new ways of communication in between too. So this might be kind of challenging – but its a challenge – and its a long term XPRMNT. We have all the time we need – no hurry.

    I would be happy you thinking on those structures and tools that would be efficient working on the XPRMNT.

    Comment your ideas hear – interact with the other angels – its getting organic

    Thank you

  8. I was asked if i have a plan on how to proceed with the XPRMNT. So I will try to answer in detail. First I want to say that I dont have an answer to all problems that might come along with this XPRMNT. Therefore it is an XPRMNT. The volunteers (all angels until / when will the demons arrive ?):)are in my point of view even so requested to solve problems and challenges coming up with the XPRMNT. That is what it is about – solving tasks and difficulties within a team. But some ideas of mine:

    short term: winning 10 volunteers for the xprmnt to start
    that means for me and everybody who likes it to get the message out
    meanwhile thinking on what kind of programms would fit to use for
    designing a webpage in common via long distances
    thinking on new ways of communication for the volunteers
    (last two points i will not decide on because there might be
    better knowledge with the volunteers that we should use)

    medium term: start building up the homepage with the capacity everybody can or
    wants to bring in.
    getting more people involved into the XPRMNT
    viewing on the XPRMNT with a scientific perspective (what kind of
    mechanisms are running behind – is it improving – same solutions
    by different methods?)

    long term: combining the XPRMNT with real-life events in Berlin
    (interdisciplinary platform of all fields exp. philosophers –
    artists – scientists – musician – designers aso.)
    so real life-events should have a direct link into the
    http://www.knp.com via webcam – so that the realtime event is fusing
    with the side actually.

    This is my plan how to proceed – it is not a plan made in details – details will be worked out using the expierience of the single volunteers and mine.

    For now I think using the following com-channels would be efficient.

    Twitter – for most realtime-communication
    Facebook – for more private or detailed discussions
    commenting on WordPress XPRMnT side (here) – ideas on the XPRMNT and progress

    Also please read my comment on finding out what tools – structures and programms to use for the build up of the side. soem comments up.

    And please start using the comment-feature here like Frauke and Zoel already doing.


  9. okay – sounds good to me. 🙂 — as i´m a bit busy with other things, i´m not able to work on it „right now“ …. but as you said, it´s a „progressive thing“ and i´m very optimistic that we will gain more people for the whole thing.

    indeed i also appreciated a bit more communication and interaction among the people who are already involved. 🙂

  10. @rolfstoll today joined the XPRMNT as a volunteer – he is in fact besides me the first man – great – and he is a geologist and is as far as in know drawing paintings and build sculptures – even so he likes PHI – welcome – its a honor 🙂

  11. It seems from now on the XPRMNT is going to it’s crucial phase. Therefore my question: What is the primordial soup of the XPRMNT’s evolution? Technically spoken: What are the basic conditions of the foreseen webspace? Scripting (PHP, Perl, Ruby)? Application frameworks (Rails)? MySQL? How many Databases?

    1. Hello – thanks for asking – yes these are excatly the right questions to ask. There is no answer to it right now. This is what i were asking to the volunteers some weeks ago (check some upper comments). We as the volunteers are now requested to find the most efficient programms and structures to work on the XPRMNT – this is part of the XPRMNT. We need to find solutions that are working with the XPRMNT – and this is something i dont want to decide alone – because the expirience within the volunteers is much higher with those technical solutions then my own. I think when we are ten – we should try to keep the volunteers on a videoconference to discuss the so called primoridal soup. Just to let you know the kn-p.com .de .net are already registrated at strato. So this is the host – the only thing i decided on by myself.


  12. hello! 🙂

    a videoconference?? omg – that sounds exciting :-)!! but it´s a good idea – because of the direct feedback and so on….
    i hope no.10 will be on board soon!

  13. Eine deutsche Übersetzung des XPRMNT:

    Auf mehrfache Anfrage hier und heute die deutsche Übersetzung des XPRMNT:

    Also bei dem XPRMNT geht es in erster Linie darum eine neue Form von Websites zu entwickeln. So ist das Ziel eine Website zu entwickeln, die sich den aktuellen Themen und Trends nicht nur durch Inhalte sondern auch im Layout anpasst. Das XPRMNT ist abhängig von dessen Teilnehmern – soll heissen die Website http://www.kn-p.de .com . net wird durch möglichst viele Teilnehmer entwickelt. Hierbei werden Cloudstrukturen genutzt um die Website im Kollektiv aufzubauen. Doch geht es weniger um die Soft- oder Hardware in der Wolke als vielmehr um das kreative Potential, das bei dir hinter dem Bildschirm vorhanden ist. Dieses kreative Potential der Wolke gilt es zu erwecken um eine Webseite zu kreieren, die sich durch kollektive Mechanismen – kollektive Intelligenz – dem Gemeinsinn – auszeichnet.
    Das XPRMNT geht natürlich nicht nur darum eine solche Homepage zu entwickeln sondern eben genau solche kollektiven Mechanismen zu studieren.

    Hierzu benötigen wir Webdesigner, Kreative aller Art, Wissenschaftler und Leute denen die Idee gefällt.

    Es geht weiterhin darum die verschiedenen Stilrichtungen, Programme und Codes in einer evolutionären Umgebung gegeneinander antreten zu lassen – um zu sehen was sich aus dem Gemeinsinn heraus durchsetzt. So hat es den Charakter Grundelemente der Evolution zu simulieren und zu veranschaulichen – und vermag eventuell hinter den verschiedenen Disziplinen eine Art Quellcode herauszukristallisieren, welcher wie das binäre Zahlensystem in der Informatik als Qellcode der Natur fungiert.

    Den in der Überzeugung, dass der Mensch die Natur wiedererfindet – ist es wahrscheinlich, dass eine kollektives XPRMNT wie dieses solche Strukturen – Informationscodecs erkennen lassen wird.

    nicht erlaubt sind : illegale Inhalte, Politik, Pornographische Inhalte, Verletzung von religösen Gefühlen

    Wie kann ich an dem XPRMNT teilnehmen:
    Das XPRMNT funktioniert auf freiwilliger Basis. Bei Interesse folgt bitte der Liste www-kn-p-com auf dem Twitterkanal @kenonitro. Die Liste folgt dann zurück – und schon seid ihr dabei.

    in diesem Sinne – Evolution total – http://www.kn-p.com – die etwas andere Website – WEB3.0

  14. to start the build up of the http://www.kn-p.net – as i said before – we the volunteers should have a initial videoconference (VC) to discuss all the upcoming questions about technical means – structure – communications – even so decide on responsibilities and tasks.

    for this VC we should use the platform – http://tinychat.com/ – its for free and allows VCs with more then two persons. Its easy to handle – sign in with your twittername – when the chatroom is setup its sends a link via twitter (on my twitterchannel in this case) to find it.

    Im thinking of Saturday the 13th March 2010 at 02:00pm Berlin local time – that should work with the different timezones the volunteers are into – comment on if there are any other ideas.

    I will set up the VC – more on this when its about time


  15. to the volunteers:

    some thoughts on how to go on with the XPRMNT after reaching 10 volunteers. On the videoconference of the 13.03.2010 with @design_finder and @cultureagency we decided that i will write down some fields on what the different volunteers should work on to give the XPRMNT a little direction. So I think the following tasksharing makes sense on the XPRMNT. This is not static – but it makes sense to get it rolling.

    @fraukes_shop photography – humor – social aspects

    @design_finder marketing – cooperate identity

    @cultureagency interactivity of the page – intercultural competence – music

    @zoelkennedy music – lyrcis

    @jeelchristine psychological factors – education

    @exibitiontiz presentation of science in art – concepts (even for potencial reallife-events)

    @rofstoll technology concept of the page – mathematics – programming – phi

    @duneya webdesign – programming

    @maycille_chica not sure b/c dont know what shes doing think shes a friend of @jeelchristine – might be good to work on the programming too

    @djew_janien not sure b/c dont know what shes doing think shes a friend of @jeelchristine – might be good to work on the programming too – i think shes studying on the university of technology

    @kenonitro no not just supervision 🙂 – looking for sponsors – planning reallife-events – negotiating to potencial partners – coordination between the volunteers – marketing

    to @jeelchristine – maybe you could help us to say what are the talents of
    @djew_janien and @maycille_chica to find a field they could work on.

    general tasks: webdesign: @fraukes_shop @duneya @design_finder

    scientific view on the mechanisms runnig behind: @rolfstoll @exibitiontiz @jeelchristine @cultureagency

    I would like the volunteers to write a short concept on the fields they were mentioned. Please place it here as a comment. So that at a next videoconference – looking forward on this for next weekend – we can discuss the concepts and begin the build up of the http://www.kn-p.com – site. If somebody doesnt feel well with the field he is into please contact me.

    For the videoconference it is not necessary to have a webcam – you can even join in just with achat function – but you see and hear the other participants – so you can take part and write your comments into the chatroom. This is no problem like we expierenced yesterday. So hope for some more participants next time 🙂


  16. Ok, here’s my concept for corporate identity and marketing:
    Responsibilities will include graphics for website, blog, business cards and event promotions. Will use a variety of online marketing tools and formats to drive traffic to website – in conjunction with existing networking applications used by KenoNitro. As for specific corporate identity…ideas are slowly forming based on the fusion of technology, philosophy, science and art – All in one. If you need anything resource related – I’m pretty good at finding it on the internet, so don’t hesitate to ask.
    Any ideas, comments, or suggestions always welcome!

  17. i have the impression that this will become the coolest website ever – in the whole universe ;-)! and i´m looking forward to the thousands of awards!!!! 🙂

  18. I’m sorry to say that due to my unexpected involvement in a project in Romania at present it is not possible for me play an active part in the XPRMNT’s evolution.
    I will have a look from time to time at this list to observe the further development of the XPRMNT but unfortunately I’ve no time to spare.

  19. The analogy of the brain

    the concept of @culturedesign today inspired me to think about the general architecture of the xprmnt. So i have found 3 essential parts that the xprmt needs to evolve in a kind of random way to finally bring out the product kn-p.com. These three parts needs to be connected via one webspace.

    1. first part is the creative machine (the volunteers / this is the concept @cultureagency worked out [i think with the future social living rooms he describes the volunteers working space for the XPRMNT])- this will include tools to create the kn-p.com.

    2. second part is the product of the creative machine which is in fact the kn-p.com site. this side should represent a human brain where the single volunteers and their creations appear as neural-cells. So for somebody getting on the kn-p.com site he will see a spacey brain in wich he is offered to navigate in. :)this will be the best visualization of the network running behind in my opinon. the creative machine is kind of a brain 🙂

    3. third part will be the scientific area – the analysis centre – which is looking at the structures how they are forming and if there is a kind of natural sourcecode to be recognized.

    This architecture is shown in this graphic – http://tweetphoto.com/14962487


  20. Videoconference the second: 05. April 2010 0800 pm Berlin time via tinychat again – same procedure as last time – hope there will be some more appearance this time :)I will again open the chat – you will be informed via a tweet and can check in via the tweet too – easy as it could be.


  21. @carlosgaribay today joined the XPRMNT – he is a cool nerd and likes germany as far as i could see – you are welcome.

    Deutschland – Land der Ideen (as he says on his Blog – very nice)
    Greets Keno

  22. We start to test platforms like Elgg and Joomla to realize the XPRMNT-Project. Elgg seems to fit best into the Project needs. With JFusion, it is possible to synchronize the platforms, if needed. We further need graphics, a SEO-Strategy and content. We are thinking about integrating some Neogrid-Elements into the XPRMNT-Platform, like the Neogrid Database or a linking with the new coming up Neogrid Science Network.

    1. „Wir hatten … festgestellt, daß es in der Chronik der Versteinerungen keine Zwischenformen gibt. Jetzt wissen wir auch, warum: vor allem deshalb, weil Zwischenformen nie existiert haben.“ Fred Hoyle und N. C. Wickramasinghe, Evolution aus dem All. 1981, S. 125. #XPRMNT

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