a theory of the Machine (in honor to Gilbert Simondon)

Gilbert Simondon tried to find the ultimate theory of the Machine. He already understood the different indivuduations of Biology, Psychology and Sociology as a Phenomena resulting from the same source. He even tried to harmonise it with Informationtheory. So what he in my eyes started to understand was the that the evolution of technology is a process similar to the natural Evolution, in fact Technology is the part of the natural Evolution. He came to the point seeing that natural Mechanismns are unconscious implemented into Technologoy because human consciousness and Inventions are of deep natural origin. So the theory of a machine is as the theory of everything a theory o Nature. It shows that everything in Nature as in Technology results from three main elements Energy, Matter and Information (Information as the result of Consciousness) which are interacting in an infinite Network. We today see how social Networks are working, but excatly how these networks are working is how antsstates are running and cell- or atomcollectives are working. It is obvious that a natural algorithm (Sourcecode) is starting to get visible behind those human-technical Networks. So the theory of the machine is quiet simply the theory of Nature. Once we come to that point that technical Evolution and natural Evolution are overlappinig, the common sourcecode is found, it will end into a complete new Technology which is interacting with Nature in a new way. This path will then finally end into a posttechnology Society because Technology as we know it today will not be necessary anymore. The technical evolution is in natures sense nothing else then a mirrow of Nature to explain humans how nature is working. Once this is realized humans will be reintegrated into Nature again, the concious and evolutionary machine, Network itself. This means interaction of matter, mind and energy from human to nature and backwards as already possible in states of meditation and unconsciously praticed from everybody anytime.

Nature –> the theory of the Machine

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