the Age of Wisdom

Today we live in the so called Age of Information and Knowledge. This is why we are understanding how important Information in Society and Nature is but we havnt even realized how to manage this kind of Information and Knowledge. So while beeing in that Age we can already see the Glance of a new Age. Its the Age of Wisdom that will rise upon the Age of Knowledge. Lets say if we dont manage to overcome the Age of Information and Knowledge to head for the Age of Wisdom the World will come to a critical point. Within the possibilities of the Age of Information and Knowledge it might turn out that we create the biggest Chances as much as the biggest Threats ever seen, resulting in Cures and Weapons we cant even imagine today. The only way to prevent upcoming Wars on Information and Knowledge which are not only Cyberwars is to behave wise. So Wisdom is the only tool for Mankind to manage Information and Knowledge. That Age of Wisdom has to be etablished because Information and Knowledge cant be hided – it might be able to serve under the ideology of a single state for a time – but its just a matter of Time until  the information and knowledge is spread worldwide. Once that happend only Wisdom is able to unite. -> the Age of Wisdom

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