the ultimate Philosophy

A common philosophy for future mankind is the most important factor to be achieved in longterm. That of course doesnt mean that traditions, religions and philosophies existing will be lost on that way. No, a new common philosophy has be able to confirm all existing forms of theology, philosophy and mythology. That kind of ultimate philosophy has to be able to explain in clear words, not in analogies how the world, nature and god works. It has to find the common ground without blaming a single field. The different fields then still exist within an accepted Super-Philosophy. So while having that common Future-Philosophy for Mankind in which every Field can find itself again – there will be no need for religous Wars anymore. What also comes up with that kind of ultimate Philosophy would be it solving all problems that science today has. It would have to solve the Shism of Physics. It would have to unite Matter and Mind and thereby moving specified science into a universal Science again away from Technocracy more towards a general and commonly understandable Science. That Super-Philosophy is not only able to unite religions and philosophies, its even able to unite science and religion – the two main opposites. This is important because the people today feel a split in there believes and what science is telling them. In fact both fields are working on the same subject – universal truth. Religion starts from the top – science instead starts from the buttom. Both is depending on each other. Religion needs science to explain – otherwise the religion will fall – because in our world believing for the most is not enough – they want it to be explained. Science on the other Hand needs something like God which is infinite – because once a state has been reached that everything is discovered – Science is of no importance anymore.


As Hegel once said:


“Das Wahre ist das Ganze. Das Ganze aber ist nur das durch seine Entwicklung sich vollendende Wesen. Es ist von dem Absoluten zu sagen, dass es wesentlich Resultat, dass es erst am Ende das ist, was es in Wahrheit ist; und hierin eben besteht seine Natur, Wirkliches, Subjekt oder Sichselbstwerden zu sein”



“Die wahre Gestalt, in welcher die Wahrheit existiert, kann allein das wissenschaftliche System derselben sein. Daran mitzuarbeiten, daß die Philosophie der Form der Wissenschaft näherkomme – dem Ziele, ihren Namen der Liebe zum Wissen ablegen zu können und wirkliches Wissen zu sein –, ist es, was ich mir vorgesetzt.”


This is the true challenge for a ultimate Philosophy – to integrate everything thought before and describe it in easy short words – a philosophical Theory of Everything – which explains everything, does not harm anybody and still leaves everything open for religions and sciences. This is the responseability todays philosphers have – not anything below. Because every integral Change in History came by new philosophies which were able shifting the paradigm.

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