… is a Hackers/Programmers Challenge to create the best Code ever made – to write the best Algorithm ever seen. Its a Hackers-Swarm-Challenge. You will be working togehter you will battle the code, rewriting it and modifying it as long as its not perfect, and it never will be. AlogLution stands for the Evolution of an Algorithm. By doing so it will turn out that you reinvent Natures Sourcecode – the one and only evolutionary Algorithm. You will become Nature yourself. The Code is the Game. You will find ways to decode QuarkGluonExchange and how Natures Sourcecode NSC is interacting on the different Levels of Matter. Organize yourself in Structures you need to code in a free and competetive, evolutionary way. Your Code will change the World to a Grade you can not imagine today. It would be nice if results or platforms could be blogged or linked on Generationsgame. The Code is yours – decode it by writing it – that easy it is. Keep in Mind the NSC is evolutionary itself so it can only be hacked by evolutionary means.

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