the Recovery of Nature (translated with Google-Translator german-english)



This article is dedicated to the philosophical-physical mindgames of great scientists, artists and philosophers such as Albert Einstein, Hermann Hesse, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Max Planck, Werner Heißenberg and Isaac Azimov. People behind the science behind which knowledge is ignorance were able to see – suspected the unknown. From this knowledge of the unknown out a deep philosophical line has evolved in them. This line is taken up in the article to describe the nature of things at its core, to concretize and give by the system thinks through the Great, the macrocosm, the small, the microcosm logical evidence of possible contexts and needs. A quote from Max Planck made a speech that he gave in 1944 at the end of his life illustrates this:



         “Gentlemen, as a physicist, so as a man who served his entire life to sober science, namely the study of matter, I’m sure of suspected free to be a Schwarmgeist, and so I tell you about my explorations of the atom this: there is no matter in! All matter arises and exists only by a force which brings the atomic particles in motion and keeps them together for the tiniest solar system of the atom. But since there are neither intelligent nor an eternal force in the whole universe – it’s humanity never managed to reinvent the long-awaited perpetual mobile – so we have to assume a conscious, intelligent mind behind this force. This spirit is the ground of matter. Not visible, perishable matter is the Real, True, True – because the matter would, as we have seen, without this spirit at all – but the invisible, immortal spirit is the truth! Since there but mind itself alone can not provide, but every spirit belongs to a being, we must accept mandatory spirits. However, since spirits can not be by itself, but must have been created, so I do not hesitate to call this mysterious creator as well as all the civilized nations of the earth called him earlier millennia, God.

            So you see, my’ve rehrten friends, as in our days, in which one no longer believes in the mind as the first cause of creation, and therefore stands in bitter alienation from God, even the tiniest and invisible it is, the truth back from the grave materialistic substance delusion leads up and transformed the world, as the atom – opens the door to the lost and forgotten world of the mind. “



It Planck describes the atom as the component in nature, further investigation as it deems catchy puzzle. This mystery of the atom is therefore to be solved. Here is the written expression of a long well-thought sometimes very exhausting considerations. It describes patterns and analogies of the different levels of matter – finding new solutions. It compares findings across the ages of the various sciences and tries to bring together there where the physics apparently has its limits, but  philosophy can help to find specific goals and solutions. The article is by the attempt to clarify the contradictions of the various disciplines and provide an interdisciplinary context. There are old definitions to be broken to make room for possibilities. The most important question here is the definition of life itself. The analogy of the cell and the atom and resulting consequences are the main constituent of the following philosophy.

There is neither scientific evidence nor religious knowledge. Core are physical and philosophical musings behind which perhaps conceals a deeper truth.


the disenchantment of light


Now on to the core issue – the cons-finding nature in the atom – to come first, it requires a deeper discussion of the physics of light to penetrate mentally from there to the levels of matter.

The light is the fastest man apparently meaning medium. It provides us with an image of the physical environment in which we live. Thus, it establishes a direct connection between our conscious perception to matter. We see the light, therefore, as a real-time medium, as the mirror of the present. But just that it is not. We do not track the physical presence of the state in the position due to its limited physics. Based on the defined medium light always a past state of matter is represented us. The speed of light is responsible for this delay. This effect is in the macrocosm, so in astronomy, very well known. Here, the speed of light and the resulting effects are included. One knows that light waves and other waves just move with the speed of light over long distances also light years need to spread out. Therefore, it is when viewing a celestial body to provide information that may be partially centuries old. This effect can be taken into account consistently on a small scale, in the everyday, the only inference that the information we receive is based on the light, a past state of matter. This means concretely that things happen before we can see them. To illustrate this point it is also important to say that our optical image composed of many light waves that strike from various distances at our eye. Therefore, the optical image is that we generate in our consciousness together even from different times, from different states of matter. Because even an object at 10 meters distance is attributable more to the past due to the speed of light to double as an object in 5 meters distance. I want to enter at this point in the matter itself illustrate this by the example of a flash.

The flash is a classic case of everything that was just explained the physics of light and is the direct introduction to the subject. For every child, the time delay is known, the results between the optical flash and the thunder is heard only with a delay. Here the delays in the human sense perception in relation to the different speeds of optical and acoustic wave can be directly and immediately clear. About this delay can then be the relative distance to compute the storm. Just like the thunder but only the acoustically delayed information which is what the flash has been previously transmitted information visually, the flash itself stands in a delay to what has actually occurred. Because the flash transmits the information via the optical light waves into our consciousness is, therefore, as already described a past whose information what has taken place on a material level before. The real event takes place on material-energetic level. Thus, it is ultimately the electrical discharge of electrons, the tracks on a channel of least resistance, and compensating for discharging their way. The lightning and thunder are the only visually and acoustically delayed information of what takes place in real time on real material-energetic level. Therefore, the mechanisms and contexts in matter are the true real-time  behind the light. At this point it appears to be necessary to obtain a deeper understanding of the nature of things, to deal with the matter itself.



Matter as a true real-time media


The relationships and mechanisms of matter can best be explained by their nature out. How is matter – the atom – a construct of quantum. It consists of quarks, electrons and recharges using photons of light particles, but more on that later when the metabolism of the atom is described. In quantum physics itself is known that it is pure information in quantum physics and its properties. In order to transport such information is required communication channels in the form of unknown waves hereinafter referred to black light. The black light is in direct connection with the dark matter, which is today used in physics even as a basis for the calculation of various models. Quantum entanglement and experiments on this have shown that below the entangled quantum a communication channel must exist, which is faster then the speed of light to get the information of the quantum to be correlated so that both quantum and the quantum pair react the same in each case over the distance. Thus, a quantum penetrate matter, bounce it or stay in it. The quantum entangled pair will react the same over the distance in each case. It must therefore be beyond the optical light from a faster than light information transfer to substantive energetic level. An information transfer moves much closer to the real-time maps, or maybe even real-time directly. The real time is expressed here as the present measured 0.0 on the mathematical term, the moment in which we live. So what is the real-time, by communicating with each other faster than light waves, the black light, a quantum entanglement in the present. Man is a part of this entanglement and therefore probably also be able to capture this information. True real-time is in the matter, in black light, behind the optical light.


the atom and the information


If, however, in science clarity about rules that quantum physics is also regarded as information physics and also all about the biology of the cell to provide information that leads to the conclusion that the atom must also have an information level. In the analogy of the cell to the atom, this can also be clearly described. Based on the principle “information storage in the core” the atom can be placed in a direct comparison with the cell. The growth of organisms in biological complex is dependent on the information in the form of DNA. Static information in the complex dynamic exchange of information cell collectives such as humans, plants and animals constructed. This principle of static information and dynamic information exchange should be possible to transfer to the atom. Because, as with the cell also requires information supposedly the complex atomic collectives such as DNA molecules or RNA molecules build. The atom is to the cell what is the cell of the man. A component which is a complex system like the cell constructed by information. But where now is the information level of the atom. In comparison with the cell, the information should be found also in the core. Just as in the nucleus would have in its nucleus the information level of the atom can be found. And here is the interface to quantum physics. Because the nucleus is known to consist of protons and neutrons, which in turn consist of quarks beeing part of the family of quantums. It seems to the nucleus of the different charges on the curd to fulfill other functions in addition to the function of the information plane, as in the DNA in the cell. It is the atom in contrast to the biochemical structure of the cell, however, an electromagnetic structure. However, static information alone is not sufficient to derive to build complex structures such as molecules. Therefore needed, as in the cell also a dynamic exchange of information, ie a communication below the atoms to implement the plan. In this case, however, the atom is probably different from the cell in which the static information able to be reprogrammed in the nucleus in order to new molecular structures, such as to join in the metabolism. The cell, however can not reprogram the DNA and eventually cell death dies, decomposes into its atomic constituents, which are re-used effectively in the system. Therefore, the metabolism is also assumed higher priority and authorized collectives material information that will enable the necessary atoms in their structures through reprogramming of static information to integrate core level.

Interesting at this point is also the development of technological storage media on the paper tape, electro-magnetic media, optical media, to new research on biochemical Save. It seems as if the natural evolution of the media reflected in technological development. Furthermore, it is striking that research is being conducted in computer science from quantum computers and the use of the atom as a bit on a storage medium. The question that imposes itself here is inevitable, if we think about people to make this work for us, but nature should use these mechanisms since the beginning of time itself. In this sense it is probably in this research is a kind of reinventing Nature.


the code of the atom


The presence of static and dynamic information level within the nucleus is therefore closely connected with the information necessary codecs that are used at this level. A type of computer language [binary system] or similar information of the DNS codecs [GATTACA]. So this code is crucial to make a single taxable exchange of information below the atoms at all possible. This information codec is the one present in the static quarks of the nucleus, but also exchanged within the possibilities of quantum physics through the medium of the black light, and used for reprogramming of nuclei. Deciphering the codes of the atoms at the atomic core level would probably have far-reaching implications for all sciences.



Metabolism of the atom


The level of information, the exchange of information and code of the information but not sufficient by itself to establish the atom in complex structures such as molecules. For this purpose, an actuator and various pulse methods of the atom is needed for the information to mechanical action, in the construction of molecules to implement. The actuators of the atom here is the range of the atom, the previously best known in science. It is the electrons orbiting the nuclei in a certain orbit. But it is the atom but now in a relationship with a level of information and leaves the shell cracks and electron absorption and emission of an electron to chance so it requires different pulse method in which the atomic electrons to drive targeted. Yes it requires even a metabolism of the atom to information targeted to transform into mechanical action. In the analogy of the cell to the atom is then given the crucial question: Is it the atom, as in the cell also a living creature? Because in the definition of cell biology will be made as the smallest living thing in mind that this has a metabolism. The cell takes on energy, converts this energy and also emits energy again. And that’s what makes the atom also. As already mentioned, it is the atom is an electro-magnetic structure. But it also takes energy, and  transforms energy. It is the uptake and release of photons, light particles in the nucleus of the atom. The entire laser technology is based on this principle. But this metabolism could now be used to affect the electrons orbiting the nucleus. Information in the form of authorized by the electron pulses can be influenced by the core. So does the uptake and release of photons in the nucleus of the atom affect the electromagnetic and gravitational forces of the core, which must affect as logical consequence  the electrons. A selective absorption of photons in the core would have to make stable molecular compounds and favor electron jumps on inner shells due to the energy gain. During the specific rapid release of energy in the form of a photon emission would this solve molecular compounds and favor electron jumps to outer shells. Not to be confused, in my view, the metabolism of the photons at the atomic level with the exchange of information at the level of quarks. The photons are used here of the management of the energy balance of the atom itself and take no information controlling task true. The exchange of information takes place as described above using the black light.


The summary of the previously written word leaves the atom in a new guise appear. It’s probably just like the cell to build a triad of matter, energy and information, which interacts in a finely tuned interaction to higher-level structures. Therefore, the atom is also classified as the cell in its definition as a living being. The dead matter has never existed.


the reduction to the essentials


Referring to the lecture by Max Planck, I want to take this product to the occasion and shown here, use in my view quite realistic description of the necessary processes on the atomic and subatomic level, in order of what the world is kept to a minimum to reduce it to the core of it. Thus Planck describes the existence of a creator, and spirits in the background, because in his view, otherwise the system can not function by itself can not exist. Here, however, I see a possibility of connection of mind and matter, so that the system can be made out because it consists of just exactly this triad of matter, energy and information. If, as assumed, the cell and the atom in the core of these three equal elements is and below the atomic level of quantum physics information is also regarded as an important component, so the question is then what is information and when does information turn to consciousness. Because a mind is by definition the creative Applying of information and its permanent, sometimes random reflection. Evident is that static information in the technology, such as on a CD is always a product of human consciousness. So you can because of what Planck put forward at the end of his life back suggest that he would have described information as a manifestation of consciousness. He also explained the need for a system as a carrier of the spirit. Now you can go as far as information as a product of consciousness to describe you replace the information in the formulation of consciousness. Remains at the end the following description of the world is:


“Energy is matter is consciousness in infinity”



This triad as a unit supplemented by a factor of infinity describes what Planck ultimately wanted to express. The carrier of the intelligent mind is matter and energy itself, but it goes away from descriptions like spirit or god and explains the necessary resources as systemic. In this sense, it is a functioning system in itself that has no beginning and no end. Information or awareness in this system is exchanged horizontally at each level but also vertical transports across levels and reflected. Technically speaking, it is a living computer constantly learning, self-conscious. From this primordial ground out the evolution can be described as intelligent, learning by random, experience and error. It is what it is.


Consequences for the world and Applications


Should this hypothesis prove to be real, this would be the same as it was possible to derive applications in all sciences far-reaching consequences for the world. Man as part of the whole would be directly connected to a current quantum entanglement, as well as part of its support of all information in the system. Also, the person would enrich the system with his experience and so directly involved in the evolutionary process. Resultant findings could imply far-reaching implications and progress in psychology. It would also be decrypting the code of the atoms on the core level beeing a breakthrough in nanotechnology. For application and Informationtransfer on technical interfaces of such a code, it would be possible to reprogram matter, so that they would complete in themselves the desired plan. Matter would henceforth no longer be manipulated by means of external tools but could be transformed from the inside. It is not in my view necessary to develop quantum computers and artificial intelligence based on human ideas. The recovery or reinvention of nature would allow all of these technologies in themselves, because interfaces awareness and the computing capacity of the natural system for the technology would be available. In this sense reinvent nature.

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