Whitepaper – the Tokenisation of general and private Data and Information to democratize Data and Information

The idea is to create a cryptocurrency based on the tokenisation of general and private data and information. Any data and information traded would be minted a token to make it tradeable. The blockchain behind would be based on these datatokens and the its cryptocurrency. Institutions interested in the datatokens would have to pay to buy them. In that blockchain data an information would get democratized and the data- and informationvalue would come back to its beholder. Besides private data it would also work with general data which is important for industry 4.0 applications. Data in todays world is the most thriving currency but only used by a view big players. This blockchain would be able to make this currency available for everybody. The blockchain should be realized decentralized via a exchangeplatform. The integration of this platform would become a global payment option. While everybody and anything in future will create data it will become the no. 1 currency globaly. The coin is depending on the value of data in a free market and on the marketing value. While generating data all the time people will become part of the datamarket and have an passive income to pay. The platform would be the exchangeplatform of datatokens of any kind and beeing fully integrated into a future web beeing a giant ai driven blockchain. Any data will become a concrete value for its owner. A new deal of understanding the value of data and information and who is the originator and owner will occur.


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