c-chess for collective chess – or the creative machine

Somehow i was thinking about how to bring chess to a next level. Then I was thinking about playing chess in collectives would be nice. Clans to battle each other in chess. The collective – maybe states – clans – communitys – whatever battling each other.

That would work like this – the individuals plays like normal chess – making his move – a programm calculates all moves of the collective and decides on the move most choosen by the collective. The decision-making progress could in my view work on two ways. First its a normal deciscion based on a majority within the collective. Second could prioritise on the strenght of the single players to decide the final move.

Playing chess in a collective has several advances to playing it alone – it would abbondon the human factor to almost 0 – because within a collective – the individual doesnt feel that responsible – so he isnt under stress that much. The feelings the individual has are getting harmonised withing the collective – so the final move is kind of emotionless. But it is still a creative move – so the collective is as creative or more creative then the individual but doesnt make the mistakes the individual would do due to stress. I would like to call this the creative machine.

In special this form of c-chess would be the adequat way to proove human mind in competition against chess-computers. They are not creative but emotionless. Im sure the creative machine – human chess-collective would win against any computer or at least REMI this way. Beating computers is up to c-chess.

Check mate 🙂