c-chess for collective chess – or the creative machine

Somehow i was thinking about how to bring chess to a next level. Then I was thinking about playing chess in collectives would be nice. Clans to battle each other in chess. The collective – maybe states – clans – communitys – whatever battling each other.

That would work like this – the individuals plays like normal chess – making his move – a programm calculates all moves of the collective and decides on the move most choosen by the collective. The decision-making progress could in my view work on two ways. First its a normal deciscion based on a majority within the collective. Second could prioritise on the strenght of the single players to decide the final move.

Playing chess in a collective has several advances to playing it alone – it would abbondon the human factor to almost 0 – because within a collective – the individual doesnt feel that responsible – so he isnt under stress that much. The feelings the individual has are getting harmonised withing the collective – so the final move is kind of emotionless. But it is still a creative move – so the collective is as creative or more creative then the individual but doesnt make the mistakes the individual would do due to stress. I would like to call this the creative machine.

In special this form of c-chess would be the adequat way to proove human mind in competition against chess-computers. They are not creative but emotionless. Im sure the creative machine – human chess-collective would win against any computer or at least REMI this way. Beating computers is up to c-chess.

Check mate 🙂


der Mensch – der Roboter – und die Natur

In meinem Twitter-Blog erzähle ich kleine Geschichten von einem Roboter. Die Geschichten und Verse des Roboters dienen zur Darstellung wie sehr der Mensch in die Natur eingebunden ist, dass die Technologie ein Produkt des Menschen ist und daher auch als Produkt der Natur anzusehen ist. Sie handeln von einer Welt in der selbst die Technologie mit der Natur kommuniziert. Eine Welt der Moderne.