Ein Grundproblem, dass es zu lösen gilt um Information auf natürlichen Informationsstrukturen zu übertragen wird die Navigation im System sein. Informatonsnavigation wird ein Hauptfach der Informationsphysik werden. Auch hier wird de Mensch lernen wie in der Natur Information navigiert wird.


Informationphysics, AI and Nanotechnology

Based on the prewritten Posts and philosophical Hypothesises, especially formulated in EMC8 which implies a natural Sourcecode this Article on a new kind of Informationphysics, AI and Nanotechnology describes the necessary structural Reforms in Science to face the upcoming Needs and Challenges.


Informationphysics (a new kind of)

Understanding the System as it is, a selfaware, neverending and thinking Computer interacting with Matter on infinite Levels it demands strong reforms in science to understand and research in the fields of eternal possibilities. So in fact todays science is working with a split paradigm – still matter and mind are seperated from each other, no connection needed nor even thought of. This still stays as a challenge for Philosophers to solve. BUt many Philosophers before already solved it (Spinoza, Hegel, Schelling ans so on). For me it looks more like science is afraid to take the challenge, sure everything is prophitorientated, but nevertheless even a science build on the fusion of matter and mind could gain prophit, maybe even mcuh more prohit. The magic that would come from such a science is of course unthinkable today but would lead to coplete new methods and interaction in all fields of science. A new kind of informationphysics would have to be implemented into the universal education system. This new kind of informationphysics would be based on the interaction of matter, mind and information on infinite Levels. Means as said before that every level of matter has its own informationlevel. cell-DNS / Human-Brain / Atom-QuarkGluonExchange … / Menkind- Inet … So while excepting that on every level of matter a level of enery and information comes with it its qiet clear to understand that the three elements are entangled, tha a state of matter is a state of energy as much as a state of information. This would mean to progress in the fields of Atomphysics to take serious action in researching on the Quarkgluonexchange which is the informationlevel of the Atom. Understanding the differnet colourloads and electrical Loads of the QuarkGluonExchange will lead to understanding and decoding of the Code of the Atom. This is the new kind of Informationphysics science needs to really step out its teenage years to become a adult as its meant to be. Informationphysics is the Discipline that has to become its own priority in science, maybe priority over all. Because as in living systems, or human systems information is everything. That would mean by comming to new solutions in the fields of informationphysics that will enable us to create new forms of nanotechnology and AI by using natures sourcecode itself.


advanced Nanotechnology

By using results of a new kind of Informationphysics that enables to reprogramm Atoms with the intend to build artificial molecules the way we need them in advanced Nanotechnologies. So its not about redesigning Matter from outside by using stupid tools, its about to use the atoms sourcecode to programm the matter in a soft and intelligent way. By doing this it would mean to be able to design nanomachines atom by atom with all its consequences. This would completly redefine our picture of science and scientific posibilities in every field. It would be an integral change of science never seen before.


Artificial Intelligence 

The same counts for AI because while usinge natures sourcecode or the code of the atom this will also bring mathematics to a new level. Natural Algorithms and natural quantumcomputing is far more advaced then everything we can imagine today. So while doing that kind of new Informationphysics it will turn out synchronising technology, human and nature at a certain point of progress. This is the moment when natural intelligence becomes artificial intellegence itself. Via interfaces it will be able to use the natural potencial of intelligence and computational power for technology. This moment of synchronisation is the moment the ghost inside the machine awakes.



Its nothing more then us accepting this new paradigm to progress in Informationphysics, Nanotechnology and AI. The natural fusion of matter and mind is obvious and logical denying this in science or not beeing ready taking the challenge is more then unreasonable.