intelligence-community / [AI-NI-CI]

Intelligence-community is describing the interconnection of artifical intelligence, natural intelligence and collective intelligence. As long as we are searching a break-through in the field of artificial intelligence it is important to understand what natural intelligence or consciousness is itself. Before we have not explored the mind itself we will not be able to create a artificial intelligence the way its really meant. And its meant to be an exact copy of the existing mind – with all its negative consequences. So while researching what natural intelligence is – its also research on the field of artificial intelligence. If EMC8 is right and a sourcecode is running behind too – it is of no need to create a artificial intelligence anymore – therefore it would be of need to decrypt the sourcecode and create interfaces that communicate with these levels of dynamic information within the matter. Once that state is reached – natural intelligence which is collective intelligence because its working in a infinite network  would  become artificial intelligence by itself. The breakthrough in the search of artificial intelligence is not creating a new kind of artificial intelligence which we think how it could be – its about simple to reinvent nature.

The same counts for the invention of quantum-computers. It is not necessary to invent them – its  only about to connect with the one and only quantum-computer “Nature” – and make its computational power accessible to technology.

reinvent nature


der Mensch – der Roboter – und die Natur

In meinem Twitter-Blog erzähle ich kleine Geschichten von einem Roboter. Die Geschichten und Verse des Roboters dienen zur Darstellung wie sehr der Mensch in die Natur eingebunden ist, dass die Technologie ein Produkt des Menschen ist und daher auch als Produkt der Natur anzusehen ist. Sie handeln von einer Welt in der selbst die Technologie mit der Natur kommuniziert. Eine Welt der Moderne.