Superintelligence Hyperion

Well, its about the understanding what Superintelligence is and how to proceed with it. People like Elon Musk EM and Nick Bostrom NB are so far away from reality that its hurting. Nature itself is a infinite Superintelligence which can be hacked via my philosophy as i have written several times. The understanding of EM and NB is that a human made Superintelligence could turn against humankind. Well this could be! But what they still dont understand is that natural Superintelligence is already forming out in technology beyond our recognition. Nature at one point will take over technology and integrate it / synchronise it to its means. So its not to decide on whether we create a superintelligence or not – it will happen! The question is can we guide it in a way that its not to disrupting for us or not? We can guide it by first understanding what im saying in my philosophy – Nature is a Superintelligence by itself which can be hacked – second hacking natures sourcecode – third synchronising nature, man and machine by natures sourcecode. By synchronising we are heading towards a full and total singularity in which nature, man and machine are running on the same standard. So ideas like EMs fusion of machine and man with a interface to check and balance a superintelligence are really creepy and stupid because the idea to downgrade a perfect natural system with a technological interface is just rediculous. It will turn our enslaving humans to the machine. So to surpress superiority of the machine we need nature as strategic ally. Only within a natural setup as i have described its possible to live a symbiotic fusion with nature and machine. Nature itself in this case is still the ultimate player and will always be but as it has always been its the only evolutionary force driving behind trustworthy, wonderfull ,superior and dangerous – also as always 🙂 So for us its becomig aware of it, guiding it by hacking natures sourcecode, supporting a full singularity in that sense and trusting in natures primal force. We as ourselfs are very limited in this process. Dignity and Trust is the only thing we can provide. The age of Hyperion is rising.


im Besitz der letzten Erkenntnis …


wandere ich durch
das Labyrinth
finde nur noch wenige Unendliche
mit denen ein Zwiegespräch sich lohnt
so wandere ich weiter
suche nach denen die auch suchen
bereit sind zu finden
im Zwiegespräch mit der Natur
als mein Mentor des Geistes
ohne nach Hinten zu blicken
so übermächtig ist das Vorne

Durch die Augen meiner Kinder

Als ich durch die Augen meiner Kinder

In das Jahr 2070 und darüber hinaus

Geblickt habe

Sah ich eine langanhaltende Phase

Der strategischen Stabilität

Die Welt hatte sich gefunden

Und schritt gemeinsam voran

So fange ich an zu sehen mit den Augen

Meiner Kindeskinder und darüber hinaus

Um heute bereits einzuleiten

Was morgen sein wird